DIY: Tasseled key chain

What you'll need!

1. Glue 
2. A key lanyard
3. Stripp of leather
4. Elastic
5. Scissors 

Step 1.

Cut the old ribbon off the clip of the lanyard. Cut a strip of leather the same width as the ribbon and about 10cm long. Feed this through the hole and glue it closed.

Step 2.

Take the remaining strip of leather (mine was around 30cm in length and 10 in width) and cut thin tassels into it. Leave 2-4cm of uncut leather at the top.

Step 3.

Glue the clip onto the edge of your 'tasseled' leather.

Step 4.

Put glue along the uncut edge of the tasseled leather and roll it tightly to the edge.

Step 5.

Tie a thin piece of leather around the uncut glued piece to keep it in place. Use an elastic band to hold it in place until your glue has dried.

YAY finished! Use it as a hand bag decoration or key chain. :)


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