DIY: A quick trick to stud shoes

What your going to need?

1. Your going to need studs. You can buy loose clip on studs at some fabric shops but if you cant find any of them at your local fabric shop you can also use an old studded belt or those cheap studded wrist bands from china town like I did.

2. Cutting tools. Very sharp small scissors and
a craft knife.

3.Off-cuts of Leather or pleather which you should be able to get at a leather shop.

4. Fabric glue or a hot melt glue gun. I used fabric glue.

5. And oviously the shoes you would
like to studd :)


How to do it!

1. Cut out a shape that will fit nicely onto the area of the shoe you wish to stud. Remember to cut two of the same if you want the shoes to be symmetrical.
2. Take the cut out shape and fold it where you wish to attach the stud. Carefully cut two slits on the fold evenly spaced according to the size of your studs. Alternatively you can you a ruler and a craft knife to cut the small holes. But remember to use a craft knife matt because you don't want to damage the surface your working on.

3. Your piece of leather/pleather should now look like this. You then take the stud and push the two prongs through the holes you have just cut. Once you have put the prongs through the hole you should now press them flat towards each other.

4. Your piece of leather/pleather should now look like this. Now that you have done the first one you then continue on cutting and attached the studs in a design you like.

5. Once you have attached all the studs you wish to attach you can then move on to attaching your piece of leather with the studs on to your shoe.

6. You can use a hot-melt glue gun to attach the leather piece to your shoe but I used bostic's fabric glue. You spread a good amount of glue remembering to get close to the edges. Give the glue 30 seconds to a 1 minute to dry a little before positioning and attaching it to the desired spot on your shoe. Use a damp cloth to wide off any glue that has seeped out alternatively use an wet earbud to get into the hard to reach spots.

7. Allow to dry properly before you wear them. Here is a photo of the finished shoes I did.


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